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“Those who tell the stories rule society”

1. Director 

Lily directed over 15 short films with a unique style and narratives that identifies her with her own signature and taste. 

Her genres are mostly drama, thrillers and stories with woman or LGTB main characters. 

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

02. Producer/ Line Producer/ UPM / Production Coordinator 

Lily is an Award winner Producer and has done producing for numerous films and music videos. 

She likes to keep sets on time, up and running. A smooth pre productions makes a happy production and less mistakes in post production. 

Producing for Lily is a big responsability and a way to help other artists. 


Deveploment of Projects 

Creation of Content, Business Plan, Budget and Pitch Desks. 

Pitch session consultation and practice. 


Film Festivals circuits and strategies 

Consultation about Film Festivals and Marketing, Social Media and Self Promotion. 


 Elaboration of Festival strategies, Press Kit, Festivals list that'll position the film in the right spot. 

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